These Shatter Bars are packed with 500mg of tasty Indica. Sink into your couch and get some delivered today!

For the uninitiated, shatter is a newly-legal cannabis extract named for its fragility. It has a glassy appearance, and tends to break or shatter just like glass when snapped in two. Much like other concentrates of cannabis, shatter is extremely popular with fans of dabbing. This is probably the source of shatter’s newfound popularity, as the world of dabs and extracts has been pushed into the mainstream since legalization opened up the pathways to experiment with it.

Each individual batch of shatter is visually unique, as the closed-loop extraction process creates pieces with different patterns due to the presence of bubbles when the substance solidifies.

Shatter tends to have a color range extending from light brown to vibrant, golden yellow, and is typically translucent or full-on transparent. The color isn’t a measure of the shatter’s potency, however, and has little bearing on the substance’s effects. Regardless of its color, any shatter you encounter is likely to be among the strongest cannabis extracts you can get your hands on.

The shatter in these chocolate bars is derived from an indica strain of cannabis, so expect more physical effects when you bite into them. Indica strains are generally limited to use in the afternoon/evening, and shatter only makes its effects more intense. A few bites will be more than enough to knock you out, if you’re not careful. These bars can be extremely potent, so please try to dose accordingly.

Remember: Shatter tends to hit a little harder than pure cannabis flower, so new users should be careful with this product. No one wants to spend the evening locked to the couch because you bit off more than you could chew! Always be careful the first time you try a new product.

Always keep your shatter in a cool and dark environment, because exposure to the light can cause its potency to be reduced.