Need some Grabba? We’ve got Grabba.

Grabba Leaf is the gold standard in the Roll-Your-Own industry: it represents the benchmark that all similar products try to reach. Grabba Leaf is inspected and selected from the finest tobacco available, to ensure a smooth smoke from the very first moment you taste it.

Nice and dry for all your smoking needs. Not too dry, though, so you can roll it up into whatever size and shape you need. Roll all the blunts you like, or break some up and mix it in with your flower of choice. We’re not here to tell you how to use your Grabba, only to provide it for you.

Grabba is derived from the Fronto tobacco leaf, and is largely popular throughout Jamaica and other Caribbean islands. When properly dried and cured, the leaf is easily rolled and releases a flavourful, chocolate-y smoke when ignited. The Fronto leaf is also known as ‘Fanta’, so whether you smoke Fronto, Fanta, or Grabba, it’s all the same shit.

Typically, Fronto is used to refer to the full leaf, while Grabba refers to the broken-down form of the leaf that can either be smoked by itself or used as an enhancer when combined with other smokable substances. Typically, this is done to both alter the flavour and add a slight tobacco buzz to the effects of whatever you smoke with the leaf. Most of the time, that’s probably gonna be weed.

Grabba is the most popular form of the leaf in North America, as it’s the perfect size and thickness to break up and smoke or roll with. Full Fronto leaves require extra preparation before you can use them (unless you plan to smoke a MONSTER blunt), and usually won’t roll as nice as their much smaller counterparts. When the leaf is too thick, the blunt won’t be able to burn very well, and then you might have to re-roll it.

We do our best to maintain consistent stock on Grabba, so we’ll always have it when you need it.


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