We’ve had a ton of requests for pre-rolled joints from our customers, so we went out and found some folks to roll ’em up for all of you. Pre-rolls are great for when you’re on the go, or don’t have easy access to the tools you need to roll the perfect joint yourself. Maybe you’re not sure exactly how to roll a joint, that’s cool! This product is for you. It might not teach you how to roll yourself, but it’ll circumvent the problem all the same.

Our pre-rolled joints contain a mix of strains, which means they tend to smoke like a hybrid flower. Expect a wide array of physical and mental effects, without a clear focus on one or the other. Effects may vary from one pre-roll to the next, as each is packed with a variety of the most potent strains we offer.

Pre-rolls are usually one of the first things to try when you’re shopping around for a cannabis store, so we want ours to be the best on the market.

Each pre-roll contains 1 gram of marijuana flower, but the exact combination of strains will be different each time. Every pre-rolled joint has just a touch of mystery inside, which is part of the fun! You never know exactly what you’ll get.

Lighter is not included, so be sure to spend a few too many minutes doing laps around your house trying to find the one you stashed away. It’s probably right in that spot you would NEVER have put it.

1 pre-roll for $5.00, OR 10 pre-rolls for $40.00


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